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Shall keep the accounts of receipts and expenditure of the SOCIETY in proper books of accounts. 
All receipts shall be deposited in the bank account. 
All payments shall be made after passing the expenditure by the authorized person as mentioned in Memorandum of Association or Rules & Regulations of the Society.
Executive director
Executive director has the important role in the Governing Body relationship with the other members.
The WANA Scientific Society (WSS) is a full-time staff member who provides administrative support to the WSS. The executive director is responsible for distributing materials, creating meeting agendas and minutes, writing and distributing letters, and communicating other members, committee and scientific centers. The WSS executive director processes approval of items that qualify for administrative approval.
Annual list of Governing Body 
Once in a year, a list of office bearers and executive members of the Governing Body of Society shall be filed with the secretary and approved by the Head of Society.