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  • The first Joint Online Seminar between Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, (Pakistan) and Royan Institute of Biotechnology, (Iran) is going to be held on Tuesday, 20 Jun 2023 at 11:30 am, Tehran local time (10:00 am, Karachi local time).

    Participation in this webinar series is free of charge and certification of attendance of both institutions is comprised for attendees.

    Note: To receive the joint certificate: finalize your registration & be present during the webinar time.

    In case of non-registration or absence, the certificate will not be provided.

    CLICK HERE for registration.

  • Previous Events

    6th Joint Symposium on Cryobiology and Biobanking

    Scientific Chairman’s Foreword

    In the name of God
    Nowadays, the real great value of human capital, its ability to innovate, and to create new methods are more felt. Hence it is mandatory for all of us to invest in human capital development and international relationship to overcome the crisis provoking ironically. “Research Training” is a key terminology applied throughout the scientific life of all students, researchers, and faculty members who have spent their valuable life for “optimization” and Royan Institute (Tehran, Iran) is glad to be in the core impacts of this success.
    Royan Institute was established as a public, non-governmental center in 1991, and it is a world-renowned center committed to multidisciplinary, campus-wide, integration and collaboration of scientific, academic, and medical personnel for understanding male/ female infertility, stem cell biology, and biotechnology. The mission of Royan Institute is aligned with the Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) development plan.
    Throughout the last 5 years, the Cryobiology Symposium, organized and launched by Royan Institute, has been recognized nationwide. In 2023, I am pleased to congratulate the Cryobiologist researchers around the world, and we proudly announce the release of a joint Cryobiology Symposium with Iran and Turkey focusing on new viewpoints in human and animal studies with special focus on basic and multidisciplinary approaches. The 6th Cryobiology Symposium will pave the path ahead toward developing our theoretical and practical perspectives and we warmly welcome to run the coming joining Cryobiology Symposium with all countries around the world. Uniquely, in current symposium, our colleagues from Italy, Denmark and the Society of Cryobiology and Biobanking, alongside with Iranian and Turkish researchers, present and cover new insights and future directions in Cryobiology.
    Today, we are convinced that by giving special importance to the human capital, team working, innovation, and optimization, we will be able to achieve our goals and turn human dreams into truth, enjoying a healthy community.

    AliReza Alizadeh Moghadam Masouleh (PhD.)
    Scientific Chairman

    6th Cryobiology Symposium
    Royan Institute, Tehran, Iran

    The first program in collaboration between Royan Institute in collaboration with Advanced Reproductive UKM Medical Center will be held in 24 Nov 2022 in regard to challenging in Female infertility treatment. In this program we have got six gynecologists from UKM and Royan Institute of Iranmi