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Dear Colleagues:
As scientific chair, I am delighted to welcome all scientists, researchers and specialists from West Asian and North African countries to 3rd Wana International Congress.
Such scientific events and international congresses delivering dynamic learning experience focus on maintaining a closer affinity with science communities and strengthening the bond of friendships between countries of West Asia and North Africa. In such manner, they can help enhance our own development and create a new benchmark for others. The congress also provides an opportunity to share perspectives, knowledge, scientific findings and current researches in related fields.
There are concerns about declining birth rates and ageing population in both the developing and developed countries. To deal with these potential dangers, it is necessary to encourage young people to marry and have children. To do so, scientific meetings as important venues lead to the exchange of scientific opinions and experiences drawing on research outcomes.
Since infertility affects an estimated 15-20% of couples in reproductive age, addressing infertility issues to let infertile couples enjoy child gift may partly solve population decline problems.
Several factors affect success rate of infertility treatments. The point significantly to be targeted in this regard is treatment outcomes.
3rd Wana International Congress puts this principal matter on top of agenda and appreciates the professors, researchers and experts’ experiences and findings in related topic.
All science and knowledge seekers and those actively interested in the field of reproductive medicine are invited to send their articles to make this scientific event fruitful and rewarding.
It gives me great pleasure to recommend all eminent specialists, researchers and diligent graduate students to attend 3rd Wana International Congress since it surely provides a suitable platform for the exchange and sharing of ideas and opinions.
I'm looking forward to seeing you all in this upcoming scientific event taking place from 15-17 May 2024 at Urmia, Iran.

Thanks in advance.

Dr. Ahmad Vosough
Scientific Chair of 3rd Wana International Congress
Associate Professor of Reproductive Imaging Department of Royan Institute

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