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Royan GENE proudly declares that it is ready to launch and share its scientific collaboration with other counterparts all around the world in realm of scientific topics of common interests and under the umbrella of mutual understanding and cooperation. To put its goal into effect, we honorably introduce two of our networks through which a wide range of scholars, researchers and students can draw benefit from:

A) Royan Hall of Fame:
In which all scientists, researchers, university lecturers and specialists of common fields of interest can share their latest achievements or bring up and hold up discussion meetings concerned with scientists’ issues.

B) Royan Dialogue with Fame:
In which students can find out the answers of their questions through the sessions held by the invited speakers of each session and in accordance with field of science. Exploiting the latest communication technologies and means, Royan GENE office established in Kish Island, will provide a vast variety of scientific virtual sessions and webinars to cover almost all topics and issues.

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