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The Governing Body:

  • Head of WANA society
  • Secretary of the society includes executive members
  • Treasurer
  • Executive director

Leadership: The leadership of WSS would be the head of society, the educational deputy of Royan Institute (Iran, Tehran), supervising all executive and scientific programs to be run under the umbrella of WSS mission.
Each scientific event, such as the WANA congress, has got an especial Scientific Chairperson who is elected by the its scientific committee.

Membership: The WANA Scientific Society (WSS) appoints executive and scientific committee members.

Voting members:
WSS consists of 25 voting members as scientific committee of WANA congress. The duty of this committee is to appoint WANA congress scientific chairperson and venue. 
By its core of emergence, WANA Congresses may enjoy executive committee members who are assigned from the host countries where the congress will be held in. However, the Secretariat of WSS will remain with Royan deputy of education.  
At a minimum, voting members include representatives from WANA countries in the fields of Reproductive biology, Gynecology, Andrology, Regenerative Medicine, Genetics, Embryology, Stem Cells, Biotechnology and Ethics.

Non-voting members:
Other non-voting members representing as WSS membership can participate in all scientific educational or research programs, enjoying WSS membership benefits.

Appointment Term: 
Members are appointed for 2-year renewable terms. The WSS secretary reviews membership annually.
Meeting governing:
Should be held virtually or in-person once 3 months or based on deciding WSS secretary at the urgent situations. Every other 3 months there will be held a General Assembly meeting. In case of raising and urgent issue, then meeting should be held to make appropriate decision.