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Dear Colleagues

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the First West Asia & North Africa (WANA) Congress. WANA aims to provide a platform for academic scientists in West Asia & North Africa to encourage the exchange of the latest information on recent approaches and main challenges in reproduction & infertility treatments.
The program includes plenary and panel sessions with invited speakers among scientists of WANA area, combined with pre-congress workshops, all focusing on reproduction, infertility diagnosis and treatment. The scientific committee intends to hold a comprehensive and useful program, including: female infertility focuses on PCOS & Uterine myoma, male infertility & andrology, embryology, reproductive genetics and ART failure focuses on RIF.
We invite all the scientists and researchers to join us in WANA Congress to distribute information, generate ideas, establish collaborations and connect with people from a wide range of nations and specialties. This opportunity allows us to exchange ideas and be engaged in cutting edge researches. We are looking forward to meeting you all, during 8-9 June 2022 in Kish Island, Iran.

Warmest regards,

Mahnaz Ashrafi, MD
Chairperson of the First West Asia & North Africa (WANA) Congress

1st WANA Congress Scientific Program