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The core essence and beliefs of creating Royan Global Education Network focus onto bringing all scientific activities and research of multilateral interests under one umbrella so that all those interested in various fields of activities can enjoy the benefits and seize the opportunities coming along with its activities and programs. Learn More

Education with No Border

Considering the emergence of new phenomena such as “World Village”, “Globalization” and/or “World Wide Web”, the demand for getting the business, industrial and scientific entities much closer together turned into mandatory for all bodies of such essences to get their survival running. Learn More

Scientific conference on the achievements...

Dr. Amirhossein Jamshidi

2024 May 15, Wednesday


Dr. Mehri Mashayekhi

2024 May 14, Tuesday

Cell freezing and culture workshop

Dr. Azam Dalman

2024 May 14, Tuesday

Manipulation workshop with mouse egg and embryo

Dr. Fatemeh Hasani

2024 May 12, Sunday

Toward Global Prosperity Under WANA Umbrella”

In the light of good faith and will, the Royan Institute affiliated to the Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR), Iran, reached the strong consensus to gather the whole scientists around the West Asia & North Africa (WANA) Regions, under the umbrella of mutual effort and scientific collaboration, which include 25 countries, to share their knowledge and attitudes together, leading to holding up the 1st International Congress of West Asia and North Africa, named the “WANA Congress” in the realm of Considering the Recent Approaches and Main Challenges in Reproduction & Infertility Treatments.

The first-round congress was held by the scientific chairperson of Prof. Mahnaz Ashrafi and Dr. Elham Amirchaghmaghi as an executive director, on Wednesday and Thursday 8-9 June 2022 in Holy City of Mashhad, Iran

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